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Target group definitions and tailored resources

We have created different versions of our resources to cater to different target audiences. These resources use a range of messages and imagery that appeal to these different groups.

Below are descriptions of these target audiences and links to the tailored resources. 

Definition Asset series
Low income

This audience is broadly defined as those who have a combined household income of less than £17,500 per annum before tax.1

A smart meter can help you take control of your energy bills

Without fundamental digital skills

This audience is broadly defined as those
without the fundamental skills needed to have success online. This includes the skills needed to manually operate devices, such as using a mouse and keyboard and turning on a device, as well as to navigate basic tasks related to being online, such as connecting to WiFi, opening an internet browser or changing a password.

It's easier with a smart meter and you don't need to be a tech wizard to use one

Individuals who sit outside of Smart Energy GB's current target audiences still may benefit from general energy-saving advice and smart meter materials.


Advice and how-to videos

Advice and information if you are worried about your energy bills and falling into debt:


1Pre-May 2023, the definition of a low-income audience was a combined household income of less than £14,000 before tax. This was first defined in 2015. Since this time, significant movements in inflation have impacted household incomes.

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