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How to navigate through our free resources

There are lots of free resources available to you. To find what you need, you can select different filters on the free resources page which include: languages, audience type, format and material type. Find out more below.

Select a material type

Select the material type that is best suited to you or your audience:

Select by target audience

We have created different versions of our materials to cater to different target audiences. These materials use a range of messages and imagery that appeal to these different groups.

Select the target audience that best fits the community you are working with:

If you are unsure about whether or not your community fits these audiences, take a look at our audience definitions below.

Definitions of our audiences

Select a language

Our materials are available in a number of different languages to help make these as accessible as possible.

Select the language which would be of most use to whome you are working with*:

*Other languages are available upon request at

Select an accessible format

Our materials are available in a range of accessible formats.

Select a format that best suits the activities and communications you're planning: