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We’re all on the lookout for smart ways to save - Leaflet in English

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If you or someone in your community needs help managing their household bills, a smart meter and the smart meter display - sometimes called an in-home display, or IHD - could help them keep an eye on how much gas and electricity they or their family are using, and how much it’s costing. That means they can plan ahead, with a better idea of how much their energy bill will be.

Our leaflet addresses the myths around smart meters and speaks to the many benefits including:  

  • The smart meter display: the smart meter display shows you how much the gas and electricity costs and can show you how much you’re spending on gas and electricity each day, week and month
  • Accurate billing: bills will no longer be based on an estimate, and instead on how much energy the person is actually using 

Download or request to print our leaflet now, or explore the other languages and accessible formats it is available in.