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Our challenge: helping Britain save on their energy bills

We’re all on the lookout for clever ways to manage household bills. A recent study from Smart Energy GB found that managing home energy use is the most common way for people to try to make savings.

Our approach: partnering with Poundland

With a familiar presence on high streets all over the country, our partnership with Poundland enables us to reach a broad audience, informing them about the benefits of a smart meter. 

Poundland’s customers are known for their savvy shopping, our goal is to show them how they can be as smart with their energy use as they are with their shopping. This is important for those households spending more than 10% of their income on energy costs.

Shopping at Poundland is a great way to save money and help finances go further. Through the partnership, we're highlighting the simple things people can do to save energy around the home. We engage with Poundland customers through in-store radio, advertising, digital window displays and leaflets. Plus, staff get involved in spreading the word. Online, we reach Poundland customers with web content, website banners and social media.

Anna Hay, Director of Marketing and Customer, Poundland

"We know our customers have appreciated the help we’ve given them to navigate the impact of rising prices. And because we know how much that matters, we’re delighted to team up with Smart Energy GB to identify even more ways for people to spend smarter.

Our results: reaching Poundland customers to help them save

  • Activity live in 631 stores across Great Britain
  • Delivered over 79 million campaign impressions on and offline
  • Reached over 26 million unique Poundland customers

We’re proud to partner with a prominent household name. Our campaign shows people how getting a smart meter can help them discover ways to reduce energy bills, encouraging them to make small changes around the home to use less energy and potentially save money.

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