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The English Football League and the EFL Trust

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Our challenge: helping people take control of their energy bills

In Great Britain, millions of households struggle with the challenge of fuel poverty, spending more than 10% of their income on fuel costs, which makes it harder for people to manage their household finances. Smart meters are an important tool to help people take control of their energy bills.

Andy Snell, Director of Business Development, EFL Trust

Club Community Organisations reach almost a million people every season above and beyond match days through health, education, and community engagement programmes. Our partnership with Smart Energy GB is a perfect example of how we can work together and use the power of football to engage people on issues that affect their daily lives.

Our approach: partnering with the EFL and the EFL Trust

Teaming up with the English Football League (EFL) and the EFL Trust, Smart Energy GB is helping communities take control of their energy use and hit their energy goals.

The EFL has 72 Member Clubs across England and Wales, each with its own Club Community Organisation (CCO). Our partnership includes various activities, such as utilising EFL’s digital platforms, club websites, and social media to spread the message about smart meters. We actively involve players in talking about smart meters, and our presence during Wembley match days ensures our message reaches a vast audience.

The EFL Trust, as the charitable arm of the EFL, supports the network of CCOs, working with over 840,000 people every year. It runs a range of projects to create strong, healthier and more active communities.

To deepen the understanding of smart meters and their benefits, the CCOs are organising community activities, providing an opportunity for football fans and families to learn how a smart meter can help them take control of their energy bills.

These activities involve a range of events, such as walking football sessions tailored for older demographics, which integrate discussions on smart meter conversions. Additionally, at school holiday clubs, youth workers engage with parents, providing information about smart meters. The CCOs offer a relaxed and trusted environment for people to seek support and ask questions about smart meters.

Our results: reaching people through their local football club

Football Clubs are the beating heart of communities around the country. Our partnership with the EFL and the EFL Trust enabled us to use the power of football to reach 42.5 million campaign impressions, through digital channels, direct engagement, football clubs' and CCO activities. That’s a lot of people being empowered to make informed decisions about their energy use.

Understanding energy use is an essential tactic for staying on top of bills. We want people to know as much about smart meters as they do their football team! By teaming up with the EFL and the EFL Trust, we’re making great progress towards that goal.

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